1. How do I book a time slot?

Once you have received an email from the library to notify you that your reservations are available, follow the link to the booking system.

From the home page, select the library branch in which your reservations are available.

On the next page, fill out the form by providing your name, your library card number, your email address and a contact telephone number (optional).

Select your preferred date for collection by clicking on the calendar and select a timeslot by clicking one of the options below. Your selected date and time will now appear on the screen.

Check this is correct and press submit. You will receive an email to confirm the booking has been received successfully.

2. What should I expect when I go to the library?

All library branches have set up special collection points in their main doorways. When you arrive at your chosen time, you’ll be asked to confirm your name and handed your reserved items. All items will have been issued to your account in advance so there’s no need to show us your library card.

3. I have items to return, do I need to book a time slot for that too?

No, all libraries have set up return drop points which can be used at any time during opening hours.

4. My books are overdue, will I need to pay a fee?

No, all loans have been automatically extended over the period that libraries have been closed and all existing charges have been cleared.

5. Can I collect on somebody’s behalf?

Yes. If doing so, please put their name and card number into the booking form so that the library knows to issue the items to the correct library account.

6. Why are there no time slots available?

As we pilot this service, it’s possible that spaces will fill up quickly. We will be constantly monitoring demand and will open up more time slots where we are able to. Please check back again later or if possible, select a different date

7. I’ve booked a collection time slot but I haven’t received a confirmation email.

Confirmation emails can sometimes take several minutes to come through. If you still haven’t received anything, check your spam folder in case it has been placed in there by your email provider. If it is not there, please contact your collection library branch during their opening hours and they will be able to confirm that the booking has gone through.

8. I’ve booked a time but I’d like to change/cancel it.

Unfortunately, bookings cannot be altered online. Please contact your collection branch to rearrange your time slot.

9. I’ve reserved several items but only some are available, can I book to collect the available ones now and collect the rest later?

Yes, you can book to collect some available items while you wait for others to become available. However, we ask that you be considerate in the number of visits you make to the library and we advise that you do not book more than one visit per week.